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The major objective of the Centre has been to provide research and analytical support on a continuous basis to the Department of Commerce on identified issues pertaining to the World Trade Organization. In addition, it is also tasked to carry out research activities, bring out Publications on WTO related subjects, carry out Outreach & Capacity Building programmes by organizing seminars, workshops, subject specific meetings etc., and to be a repository of important WTO documents in its Trade Resource Centre.

Recognising the role of innovations, R&D and technology for the growth and competitiveness of trade and industry in a knowledge based economy, the Centre for International Trade and Technology (CITT) has been set up in 2001 at IIFT with the active technical and financial support of Ministry of Science & Technology, DSIR, GoI. The CITT primarily aims to promote the technology business through policy research, capacity building, dissemination of information and networking and collaborations.

The model envisaged for the SME Centre reinforces IIFT’s basic philosophy of integrating research and training for the benefit of the SMEs with a special focus on Internationalisation of SMEs. This will be complementary to the current activities of other Institutions in this regard. The center plays a pivot role of knowledge partner in all its activities to provide and disseminate the latest developments affecting the sector.