Research Contacts

- Research Contacts - Asia

- Research Contacts - Europe

Mr. Vikram Sood
Vice President, ORF - Centre for International Relations
Centre for International Relations, Observer Research Foundation

RIS, South-South Cooperation: Research Team:

Prof. K. J. Joseph, Dr. S. K. Mohanty, Shri Prabir De, Dr. Mirza Allim Baig and Dr. Saon Ray  

Centre for Policy Research:

C. Raja Mohan;

G Parthasarathy;  

Brahma Chellaney;  

Centre for African Literatures and Cultures

Co-ordinator of Centre:
Prof. Ipshita Chanda, Coordinator
Ph: 2414-6690 (D), 2414-6666 (O)
Address: Department of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University

Dr. Nadra Osman Hashim
Associate Professor and Assistant Dean (Academic Programmes);

Executive Director of the Centre for Africa, Latin America and Caribbean Studies (CALACS), JSIA  

Dr. Nivedita Ray, Indian Council of World Affairs;

Dr. Sandipani Dash, Indian Council of World Affairs;  

African Studies

Dr. A.S. Yaruingam (Head)

Department of African Studies,
University of Delhi,
Delhi-110007; 27666673


Centre for African Studies 
351-School of International Studies      
Jawaharlal Nehru University      
New Delhi -110067, INDIA
Phone: +91 11 26704607 / 26741551
Fax: +91 11 26704607 / 26741551

ASA Officials
 List of Office Bearers of ASA (2011-2013)
Prof. (Ms.) Aparajita Biswas
Director, Centre  for African Studies, University of Mumbai

Mr. Shashank
Former Foreign Secretary, Government of India, and
Visiting Professor, Centre for African Studies, JNU, New Delhi
General Secretary & Chair (Programme Committtee)
Prof. Ajay Dubey
Former Chairperson, Centre for West Asian and African Studies, JNU and
Director, Area Studies on Africa, School of International Studies, JNU, New Delhi

Vice Presidents
Prof. S.N. Malakar
Chair, Centre for African Studies,JNU, New Delhi
Dr. J. M. Moosa
Academy of International Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
Dr. A.S. Yaruingam
African Studies Department, Delhi University
Ms. Ruchita Beri
Research Associate, IDSA, New Delhi


Joint Secretaries
Dr. (Ms.) Nivedita Ray
Research Fellow, Indian Council of World Affairs, Sapru House, New Delhi
Dr. Bijay Pratihari, Assistant Professor, Academy of International Studies, JMI,
New Delhi

Dr. Vidhan Pathak
Assistant Professor, MAC, Delhi University

Joint Treasurer
Mr. Jasobanta Pan
Research Scholar, SIS, JNU, New Delhi

Regional Coordinators
Dr. Tribhuvan Prasad, Delhi University, (Delhi Region)
Prof. Manju Verma, Punjabi University, Patiala, (North India)
Dr. Iman Kalyan Lahri, Jadavpur University,Kolkota, (East India)
Dr. Manindra Sahu, Mumbai University, (West India)
Dr. Haokip, Pondicherry University, (South India)
Dr. N Surjit Kumar, Manipur University, (North East India)

Prof. (Retd.) Daleep Singh, African Studies, Delhi University
Prof.  Rajen Harshe, Central University, Hyderabad
Prof. H.C. Narang, SLL&CS, JNU, New Delhi
Prof . K Mathews, University of Addis Ababa