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Africa ranks amongst the fastest growing economic regions in the world. African economies today are called as “Lions on the move “. It is today home to many of the world’s biggest opportunities. The global spotlight will be on Africa in the next couple of decades as it raises its full potential. It is today on the brink of an era of sustained economic growth and development. Africa’s growth acceleration resulted from more than a resource boom. Government actions to end political conflicts, improve macroeconomic conditions, and create better business climates enabled growth to accelerate broadly across countries and sectors. Africa’s business opportunities are potentially very large, particularly for companies in consumer-facing industries such as retail, telecommunications, and banking; infrastructure-related industries; across the agricultural value chain; and in resource-related industries. Global executives and investors cannot afford to ignore the continent’s immense potential.
It is realizing this immense opportunity for business and trade in Africa that the initiative of setting up AFRICA BUSINESS CELL has been taken. It is a first of its kind initiative across any B School in India. It is a students' initiative mentored by the faculty of Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, IIFT. The cell was launched at IIFT, New Delhi on 21st July 2010 with ambassadors of seven African countries Rwanda, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Botswana, Eritrea, Namibia and Gambia gracing the occasion.
  Objectives of the cell  
To be a knowledge resource centre on Africa for both students as well as corporates
To promote Africa as an attractive business destination
To ensure increased engagement between the students and the delegates from embassies and the corporate world in the form of guest lectures
Conduct sector specific research for various corporates
Carry out live projects in association with various distinguished corporates
Provide a platform to the students where they can discuss the information about Africa and identify the opportunities that lie in Africa for them
  Activities in 2010  
Formal Launch of the cell on July 22nd, 2010. This occasion was graced by ambassadors of seven African countries viz. Rwanda, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Botswana, Eritrea, Namibia and Gambia
Carried out live project for Mahindra Group
Organized “Mansa Musa – The King of Retail” competition in association with Triton Group where students from the top 20 B Schools in India participated
Organized Guest Lectures by corporates working in Africa
  Activities in 2011  
Carried out Live Project for Manipal Universal Learning Private Limited
Engaged with IIFT's International Projects Division in developing information bank on Africa related issues
  IPD Team  

Prof.(Mrs) Satinder Bhatia, Professor & Chairperson

Dr Pooja Lakhanpal, Associate Professor

Dr Biswajit Nag, Professor

Dr. Nitin Seth, Professor

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Africa ranks amongst the fastest growing economic regions in the world. African economies today are called as “Lions on the move “.
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